School Meals at Curdworth

School meals will be £2.10 per meal, £10.50 per week from September 2015.

We use a cafeteria system.  Children may opt for a hot meal from the set menu, a jacket potato

or, if parents prefer, children may bring a packed lunch.

All meals are served with either, a potato dish, rice, pasta or noodles and a selection of

seasonal vegetables and salads.


Please note that the menu may be altered from time to time; parents are advised to

check with the school cook if necessary.


Children can opt for an alternative/vegetarian option of a Jacket Potato Meal which includes a

choice of 2 fillings from: butter, tuna, beans and cheese. The meal also includes a homemade

flapjack for pudding and a drink.


For children who are having packed lunch, please make sure that food is sent in suitable

containers and drinks are in unbreakable, leak-proof containers.


Meals must be ordered and paid for in advance on Monday morning. The money should be in a

clearly marked bag/envelope.


Cheques should be made payable to Warwickshire County Council. Please put your cheque

guarantee card number on the back.


Free School Meals                          

Under the new government scheme only children in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 will need to pay for their

school meals.


Children in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 are entitled to the Universal Free School Meals. They

also have the choice of either a school dinner, jacket potato meal deal or may bring their own

packed lunch if they prefer.

Current School Meals Menu for 2016


Week One

9/5/16 20/6/16 11/7/16 5/9/16 26/9/16 17/10/16

Week Two

16/5/16 6/6/16 27/6/16 18/7/16 12/9/16 3/10/16

Week Three

23/5/16 13/6/16 4/7/16 19/9/16 10/10/16 31/10/16


Red Tractor pork sausages with gravy, potato swirls, garden peas and fresh carrots




Bread basket choice


Strawberry swirl mousse

Organic beef grill in a flavoured bap with ketchup, diced potatoes, fresh salad and diced carrot



Bread basket choice


Chocolate cracknell cornflake cake

Organic pork meatballs with rich tomato sauce, pasta, garden peas and sweetcorn



Bread basket choice


Ice cream tub


Hot chicken fillet bap with BBQ sauce, baked potato wedges, fresh salad and sweetcorn





Bread basket choice


Fruit crumble with custard

Red Tractor bacon medallion and pork sausage brunch with malted wheat baguette, baked beans and vegetable sticks



Bread basket choice


Apple sponge pudding with custard

Homemade rustic margherita pizza with coleslaw





Bread basket choice


Frosted chocolate sponge cake


Red Tractor roast pork, apple sauce and gravy with roast potatoes, fresh green cabbage and diced carrot



Bread basket choice


Iced Mandarin sponge

Roast chicken joint with gravy, dry roast new potatoes, fresh broccoli and mixed vegetables



Bread basket choice


Pancake with bananas and chocolate sauce

Roast Scottish Beef with Yorkshire pudding, gravy, roast potatoes, fresh carrots and broccoli


Bread basket choice





Homemade chicken pie in gravy with diced potatoes, fresh broccoli and sweetcorn




Bread basket choice


Dessert whip with fruit in juice

Lasagne with organic minced beef, garlic and herb bread, sweetcorn and fresh salad


Bread basket choice



Yeo Valley organic yoghurt

Red Tractor pulled pork in soft tortilla wrap with baked potato wedges, fresh salad and sweetcorn



Bread basket choice


Apple crunch pudding with custard


Battered cod fish fillet with chipped potatoes, garden/mushy peas and baked beans



Bread basket choice


Up beet chocolate cake with hot chocolate sauce

Salmon fillet fish fingers with gaufrette potatoes, garden/mushy peas and green beans


Bread basket choice


Strawberry iced muffin

Bird's Eye fish fillet fingers with ketchup, chips, garden/mushy peas and baked beans


Bread basket choice


Chocolate flapjack

Please feel free to download a copy of the menu
Current School Meals Menu For 2016.docx
Microsoft Word document [15.9 KB]

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