Curdworth Primary School
Curdworth Primary School

School History


Year Headteacher No. Of Pupils  Notable Events
1880 C A Wilkins 31 School opened on the 5th April.
1880  Catherine Summers 65  Staff consists of the Mistress and 2 Monitresses; Alice Eaves and Florie Capp. 
 1883    81 "More children on the books than have ever been..." 
1887 Alice Keetley    "A holiday was given by permission of the Board on 22nd June in honour of the Queen's Jubilee." 
1891 Fanny Elizabeth Forsbrook    "entered upon her duties as headmistress of Curdworth Board School." 
1893 S Jane Daniel 100   
 1896   E Hughes (temp)   S J Daniel found the pupil teachers impudent and insubordinate. 
1899 Alice Cope  112  A shelter for the children commenced in the playground. 
1903     1st July- "The school this day comes under the control of Warwickshire County Council." 
1925  Muriel Brown  53   
1926      23rd December- "...last day on which attendance was registered as in a mixed department." 
1927    43  "The upper departments are working from a new, experimental time table but the infants are using the one previously in existence." 
1927     Old stoves and fireplaces removed, new stoves fitted and school redecorated throughout. 
 1928  Olive Brown  41  "...workman have this morning mended the tiles in the bell tower." 
1934  May L Yeomans    "Students from Birmingham University visited the school today re. organisation of junior schools."
1939      12 September- "The school has not yet provided with air-raid shelters, and therefore is still closed." 
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