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Malawi Update

Last summer the children raised £914 for our partner school, Ephangweni, in Malawi. They were sponsored by family and friends to run around the school field carrying the Olympic torches they made.


In Malawi, school had trouble recruiting teachers because of its remote nature and the poor buildings. The school and teachers’ houses have no electricity and water is supplied to a pump about 200m away. Consequently, class sizes were very large and teachers were struggling with large numbers (120 in Reception, 70+ in Standard 1) and very poor resources. Our donations have enabled them to repair the teachers’ houses, build new classrooms and purchase resources. They now have several student teachers and can split classes. (522 on roll with 17 teachers)

They have also started a new library scheme to allow children to read away from school by supplying books, magazines etc for them to read at home. All this has been funded by the money we have sent.

We also purchased a solar charger as communication is difficult and the teachers had to walk to Embangweni (40 minutes away) to get phones charged and often there was no power in the town due to the frequent power cuts. They are now able to charge their phones at school using the charger and adaptors we sent them.

Somfra Ndolo, Headteacher from Ephangweni, was inspired by his visit to Curdworth and he wrote copious notes about the teaching methods, resources and organisation he saw here. Teaching in Malawi is very prescriptive and he was anxious to take back ideas to try in his school.


Well done and thank you to everyone. Your donations have really made a difference to the education of our friends in Malawi.

Ephangweni Model School - our link with Malawi in Africa

Mr Ndolo's visit to Curdworth - Easter 2012

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